Charity Incubation

In accordance with our Trust Deed, the Foundation has a strategy of selectively supporting creation of new registered charities where there is a need - in a manner akin to an incubator for promising new companies. This involves working with the champions of the proposed new charity, provision of founding Trustees, defining the charity objectives and supporting the registration process, selection of initial projects and causes, help with banking / accounting / legal / technology, providing grants and thereafter matching third-party funding.

Friends of the British Overseas Territories (‘FOTBOT’)

Our first such initiative was to establish FOTBOT. Formally registered as an independent charity in March 2014 Mr Hanson was FOTBOT’s first Life Member.

In 2017 the Foundation expanded this program by creating three Trusts, each with a geographical focus where there is need and where Don had interest. Once they receive official registration and can operate independently we will add links. Watch this space.