Smart Energy Program

The Foundation has developed a ‘Smart Energy Program’ to help worthy causes make their heating more efficient resulting in direct fuel bill savings for them. We fund the improvements by providing soft-loans to cover the cost of the required changes, and then recover this green investment through regular repayments made easier for them from savings to their fuel bills.

Once the Foundation has recovered the soft-loan the entire benefit of the improvements accrues forever to the good cause as well as benefiting the wider community. Our partner in this program is Tensor plc who make and install HeatingSave, an energy saving system approved by the Energy Saving Trust and the Government via its Energy Technology List.

HeatingSave are the Foundation’s partner for our Smart Energy Program. Their system allows users selectively to heat specific rooms and spaces. When heating is required only in part of a premises, HeatingSave allows delivery of heat where it is actually needed instead of unnecessarily heating an entire building for the sake of a single room.

This automatic system, controlling the heating elements, saves money and benefits the environment by minimising energy waste and therefore energy consumption and bills. HeatingSave features unique technology that matches building use with ambient heating/cooling trends, to create a digital ‘heating diary’, which enables energy to be used more intelligently.

Our first project was with registered charity ‘Northiam Village Hall’, where an energy management system costing £4000 has been estimated to save at least £1200 of electricity and gas cost per year. The Foundation funded £3000 of this, interest-free to be repaid over five years.

We welcome applications to join this Program, please contact us.

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