Brighter Futures Program

Don Hanson’s charity supports a wide range of causes which enable individuals facing significant challenges in their lives to access brighter futures. We support partner organisations in the fields of education, mental health, nutrition, homelessness and unemployment to help people rebuild their lives in ways which can enrich their own and their communities’ wellbeing in the near and long term.

We seek and celebrate sustainable partnerships with organisations of like mind which can also support each other and grow their beneficial impact across wider catchment areas. We are an incubator and accelerator of good causes where we see we can make a real difference.

Another way that the Foundation has helped good causes is to organize and support fundraising dinners to raise cash and awareness, and create resources to promote their work. One such event was our first ‘Protecting Children Worldwide’ dinner in November 2023 held in aid of the Maggie Oliver Foundation and Hear Their Cries.

We have engaged with a wide range of such bodies. Nine of these are showcased below:

Andrew at

Hear Their Cries

(Swiss charity ‘Stop Child Rape in Aid, UK charity application pending)

Professor Andrew McLeod of King’s College London leads this ambitious project to use modern DNA analysis to track down the perpetrators of sexual abuse of children in the developing world by international aid agencies, and use the Courts to secure justice for the victims.

Sacha at

Conservation Without Borders

(Charity No. 1186094)

Conservation Without Borders researches the real challenges that key species face, and takes action to boost awareness and provide real help. The Foundation supported her work with Berwick Swans, who migrate from Western Europe to the Russian tundra each year, and now we are supporting her ‘Flight of the Vultures’ which launched its campaign in London in May 2024.

Maria at

Suited & Booted

(Charity No. 1149229)

Suited & Booted helps homeless and vulnerable unemployed men get into work by providing them with a suit and other interview clothing and accessories. We also offer our clients interview coaching. We want them to leave us not only looking smart but with their self-confidence boosted, better equipped to succeed at their job interview and deal with life’s challenges.

Jackie at

Centred Horseplay

(Charity No. 1167226)

‘When Talking Isn’t Working’ We work with horses using an innovative and well-evidenced programme – multiple universities have done studies of our work. Participants have an amazing week long experience with high level horses, learning how to be truly calm, focused and clear in their communication. Often the last resort, we know that we help troubled people when all else has failed.

Charlotte at

Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony

(Charity No. 1182974)

We support people with compromised lives to find new meaning through equine therapy at Corndonford Farm on Dartmoor. By bringing ponies and people together and through applying this proven method of healing we are able to enhance, both physically and mentally, not only the lives of all those who come into contact with the ponies but also secure a sustainable future for these marvellous but endangered animals.

Maggie at

Maggie Oliver Foundation

(Charity No. 1185267)

The Maggie Oliver Foundation helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse move forward with their lives by providing an amazingly caring, supportive and understanding team, many of whom have their own lived experience. We share the same values and a determination to make a real difference in the lives of survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We understand what survivors may have been through and how they may be feeling, and help lessen the isolation so they can transform their own personal pain into power. You are not alone any more…

Marianne at


(Charity No. 1154716)

Nourish Community Foodbank provides short-term emergency food provisions to those in crisis living within the borough of Tunbridge Wells, South Tonbridge and the surrounding areas. We work on a strict referral-only basis in partnership with over 115 frontline organisations who ensure any need is genuine, and our help can support people who need space to get their lives back on track. We are proud to have had our work recognised
by a 2020 Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service recipient.

Lennox at


(Charity No. 1150441)

Dartford-based Refocus delivers crime prevention and early intervention services for young people and adults at risk of entering the criminal justice system. It uses those with lived experiences to provide mentoring, education, awareness consultancy. training and outreach. Don Hanson’s charity funded the creation of Refocus founder Lennox Rodger’s autobiography ‘Breaking Better’ and the booklaunch at Global’s headquarters in
Leicester Square.

Bali at

Safer Communities Alliance CIC Kent

Safer Communities Alliance CIC Kent is an umbrella organisation that helps small likeminded charities / CICs that have the common thread of diverting and supporting young people away from crime, using diverse and collaborative approaches. Mainly supported to date by Don Hanson’s charity and Kent-based Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust.

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