Our Schools Program

The Foundation has established a ‘Schools Program’ whose flagship ‘Hanson Box’ delivers first class educational and entertaining materials to touch the lives of millions of young people.

In 2019 ‘Hanson Boxes’ were despatched to 10,000 primary schools across the United Kingdom and all primary and secondary schools in the British Overseas Territories. For the Autumn of 2020 this program has been doubled to 20,000 larger ‘Hanson Boxes’, meaning that over the two years all schools will have received at least one.

The Schools Program strategic partner for 2019 was the highly-respected Royal Horticultural Society, and in 2020 we are delighted to partner with Jane Goodall and her ‘Roots and Shoots’ organisation.

Our ‘Hanson Box’ concept has been acclaimed and is now in demand in the United States and Australia, where we are sending an additional 4000 Hanson Boxes funded by Roots and Shoots. We plan to launch the American ‘Hanson Box’, funded locally, in 2021.

Through the ‘Hanson Box’ schools can sign up as members of our Schools Program to get support, competitions and access to match funding grants throughout the year, and thousands have opted in.

For more information please click on the image above to view our video or visit our special-purpose website www.hansonbox.org

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